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Great expectations

The War Cry comments on the summer

There are still several weeks of summer left

AFTER seeing their team surpass all expectations by reaching the semi-finals of the World Cup, England fans will remember this year’s tournament for a long time. The football may be over, as is the tennis at Wimbledon and other summer staples such as the Henley Regatta, Royal Ascot and the Chelsea Flower Show, but there are still several weeks of summer left.

Children’s view on when the summer will come to an end – and when it began – will be influenced by where they live. School holidays started for some at the end of June, but others still have a few more days to go before the bell rings to signal the end of the academic year.

Summer holidays are often the highlight of the year, whether they are the many weeks relished by schoolchildren or the single week enjoyed by adults taking a break from their usual routine.

However, some holidaymakers find that not every minute of their time off is happy. Carolyn Skinner of Third Space Ministries has spent many summers in Ibiza helping those who stumble, worse for wear, out of pubs and clubs. In this week’s issue she describes how she helped them with their physical or emotional distress.

Her motivation is her belief that God loves each one of them, regardless of the state they are in. It is inspiring to read about the way she surpasses people’s expectations in the way she cares for them.

Many Christian organisations work tirelessly to help people physically and emotionally. For example, every year The Salvation Army supports thousands of people who are unemployed, are victims of modern slavery or are experiencing homelessness.

While faith organisations are motivated by their beliefs, anyone is capable of carrying out even simple acts of kindness for others. The recipients may not expect it, but it can be good to exceed expectations.

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