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"Fit for Mission is an in-depth look at how we do mission and how we support mission within The Salvation Army in the UK Territory with the Republic of Ireland.

“Our motivation is to ensure we are truly effective in the mission of God as a Christian Church and charity..."

These are the opening lines you’ll find if you click on the link "What is Fit for Mission?" on the newly-launched Fit for Mission website. The website can be accessed at http://fitformission.salvationarmy.org.uk/

Fit for Mission is a process whereby we are examining the way we operate and investigating how we can fulfil our mandate and do mission as efficiently and effectively as possible. Are our policies promoting our principles? Are our values validated by our vigour? Is there a correlation between vision and mission, between lip and life, between theory and practice? Are our structures facilitating mission or is mission frustrated by our structures? Are there other questions you wish to address?

If you are anything like most Salvationists, you will have an opinion about what we should be and what we should be doing. The website provides an opportunity for you to be informed as well as to inform. You will be able to read articles about various aspects of our mission, as well as the comments and discussions about the articles. In addition, you are invited to contribute to the discussion – by direct interaction on the website through a "click ‘n’ comment" facility, by email or by letter.

Go onsite for insight, and then join in the discussion about ensuring the Army is Fit for Mission!