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Jean MetCalfe

On the cover of the "Salvationist" dated the 1st April 2017 there was a huge picture with the quote "Skydiving opportunities to raise funds for the Salvation Army.".

The fact that I am 69 was not a problem."

When I turned to page 14 that was it!  The aim of the skydive was to support The Salvation Army's work with victims of human trafficking.  I feel very passionate about the victims of human trafficking and slavery, whom my husband, Frank, and I have had the privilege of transporting to safe houses, on a very regular basis, over the last three years.  I immediately felt very strongly that I MUST do this.

Firstly, I downloaded all the details.  My husband and two daughters were really encouraging and all felt that I would be capable of doing a skydive, if I were accepted.

Fortunately, I do not suffer from any of the medical conditions listed, which would have precluded me from doing this.  I met the requirements of height to weight ratio and the fact that I am 69 was not a problem.

The next step was to get a medical form completed by my GP.  After an anxious couple of weeks waiting for this, the form was returned stating: "Acceptable extra risk and parachutist aware of this. Has hypertension, controlled on medication".  

Great, it was now all systems go!


The airfield at Bridlington was chosen as the nearest one to where we live and the date of 3rd June 2017 was booked.  My daughters helped me to set up a "justgiving" page on my iPad and my husband sorted out the paper sponsor forms, giving details of the skydive and stating exactly what the money was being raised for.

People have been incredibly generous in their giving, both at our own Corps of Bradford Idle and also Bradford Citadel, as well and relatives and friends from home and Australia.  

The skydive went really well yesterday and between the "justgiving" site and the paper sponsor forms, I have raised a whopping total of just over £1,100 to support a work I feel so very passionate about.