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From Salvationist 18 August 2018


THIS time of year is known as the silly season – the summer months when newspapers resort to trivial or light-hearted stories to fill their pages. Other countries have their own terms for it. In America it’s ‘the slow news season’, in France ‘the dead season’ and in a number of other European countries ‘the cucumber season’!

With parliament in recess, serious news is usually in short supply, so we get stories about sightings of the Loch Ness monster, dive-bombing seagulls or alien crop circles. That may not be the case this year. There’s still plenty of politics to report, with Brexit and the controversial comments of certain politicians continuing to provide the headlines.

The pace also slows down in many Salvation Army corps at this time of year. Children’s activities, music rehearsals and other activities are normally put on hold. The school holidays mean that families can be away for a few weeks, and even those without schoolchildren may take the opportunity to enjoy a break.

Of course, some corps are busy running special summer activities, as our news pages reveal. And there are various territorial and divisional events happening.

This week we feature two territorial summer events. On page 7 Andrew Bichard writes about his first visit to the Summer College that takes place at William Booth College. This is only the event’s fifth year, but it seems to be a great success. Andrew linked up with the Army as recently as October last year, so the Summer College was an ideal opportunity for him to learn more about the movement he now worships with and works for – and, more importantly, learn more about the God it serves. It will have benefited seasoned Salvationists as well.

Andrew mentions one of the events during the Summer College that helped open his eyes to the wider Salvation Army world – the visit of delegates from the International College for Officers. We can gain some insights too, from the testimonies of some of the delegates on pages 14 and 15.

Territorial Music School has also taken place, and on pages 12 and 13 we hear from three people who attended. The theme was Follow, which is important for musicians to do as they get to grips with music – following the notation on the sheet and the direction of the leader – and vital for all Christians as we learn to follow Jesus. These elements were central features of TMS, as the delegates make clear in their reports.

There are also divisional and regional summer schools across the territory at this time of year, and there will be a special feature on these in a few weeks.

We’re grateful to those who give their time and energy to running and participating in these events, and it would be good to show an interest in the students who return to our corps with fresh enthusiasm and stories to tell.

For those who’ve chosen to attend summer activities, and for the staff that have been involved, it’s not been a silly season at all. They’ve made a smart choice.


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