Connect Plus

Connect Plus is your go-to companion for reaching out to fellowship groups.


Help your local group become a gateway for Christ by running Connect Plus sessions.

What is it?

Connect Plus is an annual session guide book which aims to:

  • support Team Leaders
  • provide adaptable and inspiring material
  • inform and educate members in an informal setting on a wide range of topics
  • promote friendship and to be enjoyable
  • help members explore their relationship with God


Who is it for?

Connect Plus is for everyone! each session includes a Bible thought to be explored with your group.

Throughout 2018 The Salvation Army in the UK is focussing on the theme of Discipleship. Each month Connect Plus will be exploring different aspects of being a disciple of Christ.





































Six Sessions Specifically For Adults


Men’s Ministry are written specifically to support a Men’s only group. The sessions provide a platform for men to be supportive of each other and to explore their faith. Warning – food is often required! Preview a session here


Women’s Ministry covers a range of themes and activities that will appeal to women’s groups in particular. Preview a session here


Focus Week sessions cover a calendar event or shine a spotlight on a lighter theme eg Winter Olympics, St. David’s Day, Happy Families, Musicals. Preview a session here


Pick ’n’ Mix are light-hearted sessions, often encouraging members to bring and share something of themselves. Preview a session here


Make a Difference sessions explore a range of topical subject, ranging from refugees, brain tumours, to loneliness at Christmas. They include suggestions on empowering your group to make a difference to others. Preview a session here


Worship Week is an interactive worship session suitable for an informal setting, or café church. Preview a session here


Two Bonus Sections


Faith @ Home are monthly creative challenges for individuals and families. If you know someone who would like to investigate their faith at home, why not give them a sheet. Each challenge includes family-friendly suggestions on how to integrate faith into everyday life. Photocopiable sheets to print and share are available on the memory stick. Accompanying songs to listen to, reflect on or sing with are available herePreview a session here


Toddler Church are fun-filled sessions with craft and songs to help introduce young children to Jesus. They are suitable for a young families’ group or a toddler play session. PowerPoint presentations and service sheet templates are included on the memory stick as well as a bank of toddler sings and prayers. Elements may also be helpful in introducing faith to your regular parent-and-toddler groups. Preview a session here




How do you use Connect Plus?


  • Each week select the session that will work best for your group.
  • Read the Preparation section and give yourself time to collect everything you will need.
  • Follow the theme of the session by doing the suggested activities or adapting to suit your group.
  • Finish by sharing the Bible Thought.
  • Add songs throughout your time together.


When selecting a session, you may want to consider alternating between serious sessions and lighter themed ones.


What else do I need to know?


Connect Plus includes a memory stick which has additional material for sessions eg wordsearches, additional information, PowerPoint presentations…


Do you have to be a Salvation Army group?


No, Connect Plus can be used by any group. However many of the song suggestions are hymns from the Salvation Army song book.


How can I get a copy?


Connect Plus book and USB costs £15 (plus P&P)


Contact Family Ministries to place an order or for more information, email:




Love it? Loathe it? Want something changed? Want something in? Let us know by completing the online feedback form.


Connect Plus is aimed at supporting you, so let us know what you need!