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Every child is precious. Every child needs to be embraced with love and care and for who they are. Every child has potential and has the right to develop that potential.


It takes a village to raise a child (African Proverb)

All of us have the ability to support children, nurture growth and support their potential. All of us have a responsibility to raise the younger generations, and together we can support and care for the generations that are most vulnerable. After all it takes a whole village, a global village, to raise a child.

EMBRACE is a way of giving hope and a future to our world's most vulnerable children. Our children are orphans, marginalised, victims, poor and sick, but they all have potential and they all deserve our support.

Through community support programmes, education, health care, nutrition improvement, psycho-social support, kids clubs, children's homes, youth development and mentoring schemes, leadership development programmes and embraced with love and care, the youngest generations of our world will be given the hand-up that they need to make it to their hope-full future.

EMBRACE is not only about caring, but about releasing children into opportunity and sustainable life in all it's fullness.

Our children have been through a lot. They need embracing. They have been exposed to diseases, orphaned by AIDS and other pandemics. They have been abandoned and exploited. Others have been born into dire poverty and generational debt, which has limited their possibilities and their ability to develop their potential. It is these children, on the edge of hopelessness and even death who need EMBRACE to get by.

Giving hope

  • Finding out more about EMBRACE, the children EMBRACE supports, the challenges they face and how The Salvation Army, with your help, is giving children the hand-up they need to make it to a hope-full future.

Going public

  • Going public means telling your friends, family, school or workmates, neighbours, in fact anyone who will listen - about the challenges that millions of children around the world face and the work of The Salvation Army to support them.
  • Through education and awareness raising, we can encourage people in developed countries to be good stewards of their resources, and to support groups of children all over the world.

Going without

  • Raising funds for EMBRACE makes a real difference to millions of children around the world. With your help, The Salvation Army can continue to support groups of children and give them the hand-up they need to realise their full potential.
  • By going without some luxury in our daily lives, the money saved can be used to support EMBRACE and give hope to others.
  • We have a CD-ROM packed full of useful resources such as films. presentations, stories, kids, youth and faith materials which will give you everything that you need to enable you to give hope, go public and go without. To order your free copy contact us now.

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