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From the editor's desk 4 Aug

The War Cry comments on rivalries

It seems to be part of human nature that we seek out rivals

 IT may feel as if the World Cup has only just finished, but a new football season is beginning in many domestic leagues.

The new season will result in the ramping up of many longstanding football rivalries – particularly if the clubs are in the same division, such as Ipswich Town and Norwich City, Aston Villa and Birmingham City, Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday as well as Rangers and Celtic in Glasgow.

It seems to be part of human nature that we seek out rivals. Even growing up as children, we take delight in seeing Tom taking on Jerry, Homer Simpson trying to get one over on neighbour Ned Flanders and Harry Potter battling with Lord Voldemort.

And it continues when we become adults. Brexiteers argue with Remainers, iPhones compete with Android devices, Sainsbury’s with Tesco and Christians with atheists.

But, according to Krish Kandiah, it doesn’t have to be so – not when it comes to Christians and atheists anyway. Speaking in this week’s War Cry, Krish explains how he would like to see less antagonistic interaction between those who have a faith and those who don’t believe in God. He says that it is not helpful when Christians and atheists spend time trying to put each other down in arguments.

‘None of this helps us to live as a society,’ he reflects. ‘We need to get rid of our prejudices and have a respectful conversation.’

Krish is right. If we are to live within a harmonious community, we need to respect those people whose world view is different from ours. There is a place for meaningful conversations in which we share our own beliefs. But those conversations need to be held in an atmosphere not of rivalry, but of mutual respect with a desire to see what unites rather than divides us.

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