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From the editor's desk 1 December

The War Cry comments on Christmas

Christmas is a time when we often spend more money than we mean to

CHRISTMAS is the time when normal routines change and people go to places that they don’t visit during the rest of the year, such as churches and village halls – or the perfume counter at a department store.

It is a time when we often spend more money than we mean to and when our enthusiasm for public singing (of carols, of course) rivals that of any fan at a football match.

More people read the War Cry during December than in any other month as copies are distributed at special Christmas events staged by The Salvation Army.

For many people, the tradition of a Salvation Army brass band playing carols is an important part of Christmas. This year the tradition has been updated, with bands’ repertoires now including more recent Christmas classics such as ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ and ‘Last Christmas’.

As The Salvation Army’s head of music editorial, Andrew Blyth, explains in this issue, the new tunes have been added so that more people can connect with the bands and with The Salvation Army itself. Sometimes such connections can change people’s lives.

Paul Hernandez first linked up with The Salvation Army when he found accommodation in a flat above one of its churches. As we report this week, he met one of the church leaders and accepted an invitation to a Sunday service. Attending the services and helping at the church’s weekday activities gave Paul a fresh focus. He decided to become a member of the church.

‘Since that decision, I’ve been living a wonderful life – a better life than before,’ Paul explains in the article.

Over this Christmas season, members of The Salvation Army will be hoping that many more people will connect with them and experience a new and better life.

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