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A bursary scheme for Salvation Army children's workers and corps who demonstrate a serious commitment to children

There are three streams:

  • Edify 1 - Financial and mentoring support for individuals who want to explore their calling to children’s work through a training and study course.
  • Edify 2 - Financial support for children’s workers to attend relevant, local, divisional and territorial training events, e.g. Soul Pursuit.
  • Edify 3 - Financial support to buy resources, e.g. teaching materials or sports equipment

If you are committed to serving children and need some support The Edify Programme is for you.

For full details please contact your Divisional Children’s Officer or phone:

  • Andrea Harrison on 020 7367 4942 for Edify 1
  • Tracy Wood on 020 7367 4946 for Edify 2 and 3

Aim of the bursary

“The world is a scary place to live” (child aged 8.) 

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” (Mark 10:14 - NIV).

The Salvation Army is committed to serving children with the same kind of inclusive and unconditional love that Jesus offered. We want to give them the opportunity to play their part in making the world a less scary place.

We believe that this bursary programme will enhance our commitment to children and will enable children’s workers and corps (church) to grow children as God intended. It is a training and resource programme which is aimed at transforming children’s workers, children, the corps and also the wider community in selected local placements. It is called The Edify Programme as its purpose is to be inspirational and instructive.

The Edify Programme will be delivered and supervised at local level; supported through advice and mentoring at divisional level and resourced and held accountable at territorial level by the Training and Development Officer and the Training and Programme Officer from the Children’s Ministries Unit.

The Edify Programme is designed to help individuals and corps consider what it means to engage seriously with children, children's work and spiritual leadership.