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Join us at our next concert or worship meeting. 


20/21 January  Regent Hall Corps, London


27 January Nottingham William Booth Memorial Halls: Welcome and Installation meeting for Territorial Leaders Commissioners Lyndon and Bronwyn Buckingham

10 February 2018  Gloucester Cathedral: A special concert in celebration of The Salvation Army's Prison Ministries Service 


17/18 March 2018 Chatham Corps

14/15 April 2018 Wellingborough Corps

12/13 May 2018 Diss Corps

19 May 2018 Welcome to the High Council and farewell to the General and Commission Cox, IHQ

2/3 June 2018 Symphony Sounds/ Councils, Birmingham

15/16 September 2018 Inverness Corps

13/14 October 2018 Norwich Citadel Corps

29 November 2017 Territorial Carol Concert, Royal Albert Hall, London