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13/14 April Aberdeen Citadel Salvation Army

18/19 May Castleford Salvation Army

01/02 June Symphony Sounds & Music Councils in Birmingham

21/22 September Leicester South Salvation Army

12/13 October Bristol Easton Salvation Army

16/17 November Louth Salvation Army

04 December Territorial Carol Concert, Royal Albert Hall

2020 - Our 40th Anniversary year

18/19 January Regent Hall Salvation Army, London

15/16 February Sunderland Millfield Salvation Army

7 March 40th Anniversary Concert Fairfield Hall, Croydon - SAVE THE DATE

8 March Croydon Citadel Salvation Army

3-13 April Easter Tour to the United States of America

16/17 May Exeter Temple Salvation Army

6/7 June Symphony Sounds & Music Councils in Birmingham

19/20 September Eastbourne Salvation Army

24/25 October Territorial Congress in Newport, South Wales

14/15 November Bristol Citadel Salvation Army

2 December Territorial Carol Concert, Royal Albert Hall