No one should have to face hardship and loneliness at Christmas


As we all know this year has been hard for us all, but especially for people who are homeless and living on the streets. Helping people who are homeless is what we do, and so we want to make sure that we’re there for as many people as we possibly can this winter after what has been a devastatingly tough year for so many.

Help us help people like Christopher.

Christopher had the worst possible start in life. As a child he suffered family breakdown and started taking drugs when he was only 11 to blot out the pain. Then, when he was 16, his mother threw him out and he was left to fend for himself on the streets.

Christopher has been homeless five times. He says: ‘Being on the streets is horrible. You sleep during the day, because at night people will try to do terrible things like setting fire to you.’

Just before Christmas last year, Christopher was referred to Housing First, a ground-breaking rehousing scheme which is supported by The Salvation Army. He didn’t just get a flat – he got the care and friendship he needed.

For years it had been Christopher’s dream to spend Christmas in a proper home with a Christmas tree and decorations. And last Christmas that dream came true.

A picture of a man smiling next to a Christmas tree.
Christopher describes his fresh start as ‘the best Christmas present I could ever have’.

The past year has been a life-changing time for Christopher. He’s been taking practical classes and has been volunteering with local charities so he can gain experience that will help him get back into paid work. Please could you help us give someone else this same precious gift?

For The Salvation Army it is unthinkable that people like Christopher should be living on the streets in the bitter cold, especially at Christmas. No one should have to live on the streets. No one should have to be alone. That’s why we won’t rest until we’ve reached out to as many suffering and vulnerable people as we can.

Please support our Christmas Appeal so we can help vulnerable people in their time of need.

Salvation Army officer talking to a resident
Two people talking at a Salvation Army Centre
Hot meals for the homeless

Give a gift


could provide a pack of basic necessities for 4 people who have been homeless when they arrive at one of our centres.

could provide one hour of 121 support work for 5 homeless people in one of our centres to help them get back on their feet .

could meet the cost of an officer to run a Salvation Army centre for three days – to provide hot meals for homeless people.