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Christmas Poem: 'Incarnation' by the late General John Gowans

The baby cries again this year, As ev'ry year! And I must think again of God in Christ Again I fear And comprehend, that's if I can, How God can wrap himself in man!

If God should want to speak to man, Say something good, The words he chose would have to be Well understood. One single lovely Word he said And laid it in a manger bed.

If I have grasped the truth at all, I've understood That God once dressed himself in man, In flesh and blood, And crossed the gulf of time and space And came to join the human race!

My finite mind and fumbling thoughts Still find it hard To grasp the message printed on My Christmas card: That God's sublime salvation plan In Beth'lem's borrowed barn began!

I can't explain the ageless truth Of love expressed; I only know - in Jesus all The world is blessed. And when I look into his face I'm glad God joined the human race!

By John Gowans, sixteenth General of The Salvation Army13 November 1934 - 8 December 2012

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