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Children from The Salvation Army have developed a new campaign to help you make your small change count!

Change 4 Change is a fundraising campaign created by children, for children, to help children who have been trafficked away from their families in Malawi.

Change 4 Change is a great campaign to engage your children’s group because everyone can take part. Whether they collect the change from their pocket money, dig it out from the back of the sofa or ask their parents for all the change they collect, everyone can collect small bits of change. However, lots of small change can have a big impact on the lives of children who need to see change happen.

Making change happen

The Salvation Army’s anti-child trafficking centre in Malawi supports up to 120 children who have been trafficked every year. They are brought to the centre to be cared for and supported as they come to terms with their experiences. During their few months at the centre they are cared for in a safe and secure place. They are fed and clothed well, given psychological support and rehabilitated as individuals with rights and an identity. They attend the local school, live in a caring environment, play with their peers and prepare to be re-united with their family.

Some older children will also learn vocational skills such as bike maintenance, tailoring, carpentry and gardening. These skills help them become productive members of their family when they return home, reducing the likelihood that they will be re-trafficked.

Through your support we can ensure that The Salvation Army is there to keep offering this support to others who have been trafficked. 

Make your change count

By collecting up your small change you can have a big impact on the lives of children like Kumbukani (see video).

  • If you fill your Change 4 Change box with 1p, 2p and 5p coins you’ll be able to feed a child for a week.
  • Fill it with 10p, 20p and 50p coins, and you could not only feed them, but also buy clothes and send them to school. 

Order your free fundraising pack

Contact Children’s Ministries Unit on 020 7367 4949 or to order your fundraising pack, which includes a video case story, kids church session plan, poster, activity sheets and collection boxes to collect up your small (or big) change.

You can also download the resources here: