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Celebrating six months of the Bible Challenge: Your stories so far

As we celebrate six months of The Salvation Army’s 2013-2014 New Testament Bible Challenge, we asked you how were finding the challenge and how reading the Bible has been beneficial to you or someone you know.

May God continue to bless you as you study his word. Here is a round-up of all your stories so far.

"We read and listen to the written word every morning during the week. We are astonished at how interesting and enjoyable we have found it, and the discussions your questions have evoked. Thank you for the opportunity you have given us as we look forward to discovering more of Gods word.”Terence and Beryl

“I am really enjoying the chance to read the New Testament straight through. Acts is very interesting and explains how the good news was spread. What amazing people they were when you think they mostly walked carrying their possessions with them, how brave they were too, you realise that their faith most have been so strong. Please Lord gives us faith like theirs. Thank you for the challenge and the notes which are so enlightening and make me think”Joan

“I have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Bible Challenge. It's surprising that it does not matter how often you read the birth of Jesus, His Ministry, the Parables, Miracles, His Death and Resurrection you always find something New!  Something you have missed before. Its a good feeling knowing that others are reading the same verses as yourself, and finally reading your inspiring questions that get the little grey cells working.”Terrie

“I have found that I have seen things that I never noticed before, even though I've read and heard it all before, and found new encouragement and motivation in reading & discussing the Bible and learning more about the person of Jesus Christ.”Shireen

“The Bible Challenge has helped me to concentrate my mind, knowing that others in our Corps are following it, it is mentioned occasionally in the meeting, as well as all of us receiving the Reading plan and discussion notes every week in our newsletter.”Brenda

“It is an encouragement to know that lots of people are reading the same passage as me every day."Jennifer

“I can say my prayers and read the passage and try through the day to make it relevant to whatever I have to face.”Jacquie

“Must be the best thing the Army has done for a long time.”David

“However the thought of sharing the same reading with fellow Christians is wonderful.” Marjorie

“I would recommend the Challenge to everyone. There’s nothing to lose, much to be gained – and it’s absolutely free! “Keith

“I am finding this Bible Study to be a means of blessing in my spiritual walk.”Tricia Langley

“Its like a new revelation to me , so much extra to know. Boy, I'm seeing this through.”John

 “I would definitely recommend the Bible Challenge because I feel a lot closer to God through doing it.” Josie

“By bedtime, I find that I'm looking forward to reading and learning more.”Janet

“I would like to say that I have found this way of reading through the New Testament very helpful. “Christine

“And I have found out how much I love my Lord for His humanity as well as His divinity and my faith in His saving grace is overwhelming!”Edna

 “I am not part of a group or anything but I am enjoying tuning in to God's word on a daily basis.”Terry

“It is certainly helping me keep up with my daily reading and helps me to consider what I have read rather than just doing it and then getting on with 'my' day. Thank you”Anese Tomkinson via facebook

“Eagerly anticipating each new chapter and being blessed and challenged.”Marjorie Hill via facebook

We urge everyone who has begun the Challenge to continue, and encourage anyone who has yet to sign up to join in!

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