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Bedford Debt Advice

Bedford Debt Advice service offers free professional support to help those in desperate financial need.

The service has received letters of thanks for the help they have provided; here are two examples:

“My story is simple - unhealthy addiction, debts here and there, resorting to living life like a waster who doesn't care anymore, when deep down I did care. No two ways about it, The Salvation Army's help to me was like no others, offering me friendly support and guidance and debt advice, helping me to sort things out. Something that, on your own, can be awkward and put off for a long time, ultimately spiralling out of control can be very worrying. By attending a few appointments I arranged with The Salvation Army Debt Advice team made a world of difference to me. The Army still have praise for me to this day in how far I have come and I only have praise for them as I couldn't have done it without them. My story today is much better!”

“We have been really grateful for the service about debt management from The Salvation Army. My husband has been calling your service the 'Good Samaritan Army' because that is how we feel about the high quality and care we have received from your organisation. We have experienced the service to be professional and extremely caring and approachable.  The fact that you don't ask for any money is incredibly attractive and we understand that The Salvation Army have our best interests at heart. We have had a couple of cold calling companies phone us for business and, although they could do the job, demand quite a high monthly payment. The Salvation Army service in Bedford knows the local community and knows the banks in the area.  I feel that this service would put themselves out on a limb for us, simply because of the love of God and their love for the community. They truly are the Good Samaritans of Bedford.”