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Autumn appeal 2018

Thank goodness we helped Mandy escape her nightmare

You were there to help me when I had nobody else."

Mandy was bullied and controlled by her husband Terry. It started when she was a newly-wed and it continued for 20 bitter and heart-breaking years.

For years Mandy tried to keep the marriage going for the sake of the children, but over the years Terry’s behaviour became increasingly violent.

He started to hit her, sometimes in front of their two young children. Several times he threatened her with a knife.

Mandy fled home with her children, taking a few bags of clothes, and moved in with her parents for safety. She reported all the horrors to the police and Terry was arrested and eventually sent to jail. That’s when the police referred Mandy to a drop-in service for abused women which The Salvation Army ran near her home.

We welcomed Mandy with open arms. Sarah, the drop-in centre manager, gave Mandy the emotional support she so desperately needed. She also met other women with similar experiences who showed her that she was not alone. Mandy still visits the drop-in once a week and is now making plans to move to a new home with her children.

Please help us open our arms to people who are suffering

People like Mandy shouldn’t suffer alone. With your help, we can continue to welcome them with open arms and show them how their lives can be different.

Please make a donation this Autumn. Whatever you can give would be gratefully appreciated.

A gift of:

  • £28 could pay for five lonely older people to enjoy a proper lunch and friendship at Salvation Army community centre.
  • £76 could meet the cost of two officers to run a Salvation Army community centre for a day – to keep the door open to welcome vulnerable people.
  • £100 could provide two counselling sessions for victims of domestic abuse.

Please make a donation to our Autumn appeal today using our simple, secure online donation form.

Alternatively you can call us on 020 7367 4800, email us on or download our postal form