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Help us support people through the worst times of their lives

Mike became a slave to drugs, breaking his mother’s heart.

Thank God there was someone who could help him out of his despair'


Marilyn and her husband Eddie gave their children a good home and upbringing, so you can imagine their heartbreak when their son Mike became addicted to drugs. Mike’s near-fatal embrace of drugs started when he was 16-years-old. Despite a fleeting period of happiness in his early twenties, when he married a girl and they had two lovely children, his return to drugs stopped him becoming the reliable husband and father he wanted to be. He was heartbroken when the court eventually denied him access to his own children.

After several failed attempts to break his addiction, Mike realised that time was running out so he decided to try one last time and was referred to one of the few places that could help him – a specialist addiction centre run by The Salvation Army.

It hasn’t been easy for Mike, but our skilled professionals have helped him get there step-by-step. Mike is now free from drugs and is full of confidence and hope. Best of all he is seeing his children regularly, like the proper dad he always wanted to be. For his mother Marilyn, the change is quite literally the answer to a prayer. 

Please help us support people through the worst times of their lives

Whether it is people with drug problems, homeless people, lonely older people, or families facing hardship, you can help us to take away their pain. Please make a donation this Autumn. Whatever you can give would be gratefully appreciated.

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£29 could meet the cost of an officer to run a Salvation Army centre for a day to keep the door open to distressed and vulnerable people.

£54 could provide support and advice for six homeless people in one of our centres.

£100 could help provide long-term support to victims of disaster.

Please make a donation to our Autumn appeal today using our simple, secure online donation form. Alternatively you can call us on 020 7367 4800, email us on or download our postal form below.


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