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The Salvation Army believes that its stance allows its members to work effectively among those for whom alcohol is a problem.

The Salvation Army does not condemn people who drink alcohol. However, members of The Salvation Army voluntarily refrain from the use of alcohol, standing in solidarity with those who suffer from its harm. 

Alcohol misuse transcends age and social groups. It is a population-wide problem that fundamentally requires a population-wide response. The misuse of alcohol is an issue successive Governments have attempted to tackle. A number of clients who use Salvation Army services have ongoing alcohol-related problems. The Salvation Army works closely with addiction referral services as well as providing specialist detox centres in the UK. This is complemented by rehabilitation and support programmes.  

We lobby Government to provide adequate solutions to alcohol related problems. We continue to campaign against high strength low cost alcohol and for a Minimum Unit Price for such harmful products.

The Shadow leader of the House of Commons, Angela Eagle, MP met Liverpool women rebuilding lives after abuse and addiction, read more.