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Through the Activate course we hope that children will understand that the incredible, amazing, almighty God, who created the whole universe, is interested in them as individuals.

We want them to know Jesus as their personal friend and saviour and experience the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. We then invite them to Mobilise and take part in the mission to win the world for Jesus.

The information and samples available to download will make you aware of exactly how Activate can be used in your weekly ministry with children and young people. There are sessions from Activate which give you a glimpse of leaders guide pages, children’s workbooks and resource packs.

There are also samples of:

  • Promise Card
  • Certificate of Enrolment
  • Junior Soldier – What’s that all about?
  • The Salvation Army – What’s that all about?

General William Booth - Founder of The Salvation Army

The Founder's instructions to the early Salvation Army about children and our church:

"I must remind you of the unchanging necessity of looking after the young. So great are the advantages flowing from the discharge of this duty, and so self-evident must be the compliance with it, that I need not take up time by presenting arguments in its favour.

"With all the emphasis of which I am capable, I plead for the intelligent, compassionate, religious and persistent duty of saving children and young people…

"This is the shortest, surest and most economical method of saving the world. And having brought them – labour to hold on to them. Jesus must save the children, but we must help him."