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About Commissioner Clive Adams

I enjoyed my childhood, having grown up as the second of three brothers in a good home where the whole family were all members of The Salvation Army. We lived in a lively neighbourhood filled with a cosmopolitan conglomerate of cultures and characters. My interest in sport was kindled on the streets of the Cape Flats where major tournaments in cricket and football were won and lost.

My grandfather, known to everyone as ‘Bandmaster Adams,’ was a spiritual giant to us and to many others outside the family. We observed him closely, because he shared a bedroom with my older brother and me, and his consistent faith, lived out in front of us, spoke volumes – much more than the two sermons and two Sunday school lessons we heard every Sunday.

I gave my life to Christ when I was seven years old. My uncle was leading worship, telling us about Jesus’ love and inviting us to receive his grace. ‘Enter, enter right into my heart, Lord’ was being sung. I understood there and then that I needed to have a personal relationship with Jesus. I can still recall something of the relief and joy I felt when I returned to my seat

I am excited that The Salvation Army is needs-based in its ministry. If we adhere to this principle each ministry unit, but especially corps, will develop into a unique living organism, being the Kingdom and bringing the Kingdom into the local setting with life, relevance and meaning.

My vision of The Salvation Army’s role in the world is of a vital, vibrant, visible Army, which is energised and invigorated by the life-giving Spirit, which is characterised by its militant aggression against all that grieves God’s heart, merciful action in our encounters with all who are in need of our soup or our soap, and missional application of Kingdom-living to point those living in darkness to the light.