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The War Cry comments on the Bible

‘Everyone needs to get into the Bible’

CROWD control is not normally an issue for museums. But it has proved to be the biggest challenge that the Museum of the Bible has faced since it opened its door six months ago in Washington DC.

Every month some 100,000 people have toured the eight floor building, which houses thousands of exhibits that highlight the impact, narrative and history of the Bible. Those visitor figures make the museum one of the top attractions in the city.

The Bible, it would appear, is a book that still captures people’s interest and attention even though thousands of years have passed since its earliest parts were written. Clearly people are still finding value in its words today.

That’s certainly true for teaching pastor Andrew Ollerton. In this week’s issue he explains how important it is to him to encourage people to read the Bible and to help them understand it.

‘Everyone needs to get into the Bible,’ he says as he talks about the Bible-based show he and comedy writer Paul Kerensa are touring around England. ‘The Bible is a book for every human being. It tells the story of humanity.’

The pages of the Bible clearly demonstrate the story of humankind’s struggle with right and wrong and the amazing way that, despite people’s ability to make a mess of things, God continues to love and care for them. The words of the Bible can captivate and bring hope to everyone who comes across them.

It is not a book that belongs only in a museum. It has something to say to people today, and its message of love can change the lives of anyone who reads and believes it.


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