Older people

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Dignity and respect for our older people

We aim to make later-life a time of fulfilment and enrichment for our nation's older generation.

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It is a privilege to offer services to people who continue to make tremendous contributions to their families and in their communities. Our older generation deserves to be treated with dignity; to receive care when they require it and to have the opportunity to retain as much independence as possible. 
The Salvation Army's work with older people includes 14 care homes and two day centres that offer support and companionship providing a wide range of facilities to support their independence.

In response to local needs we provide

  • Day care programmes, luncheon clubs often with transport provided 
  • Drop-in centres and cafes providing nutritious meals and snacks 
  • Activities including reminiscence groups, quizzes, floor and table games and craft sessions
  • Resources such as laundry, hairdressing, chiropody, help with assisted baths/showers 
  • Visits to people in their own homes to help them remain in the community 
  • Sheltered flats for the more frail, where people can retain some level of independence and also receive assistance 
  • Residential care homes for those who can no longer manage in their own homes

Our programmes

Are designed in consultation with service users to ensure their needs are addressed within the limits of any programme and its resources, the service they receive is what they want. Each person is encouraged to:
  • Make choices which enhance and enrich their life 
  • To participate in activities which bring fulfilment 
  • Share fellowship and ease possible isolation

Watch video

A few of the residents at The Salvation Army's Care Homes across the country tell us how the church and charity has supported them.