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More than a hostel or homeless shelter for the night. We get people their life back

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The Salvation Army is one of the biggest providers of services to homeless people in the UK and Ireland. We believe everyone is valuable and no-one should be stigmatised because of their past or where they live.

Since 1865, The Salvation Army has looked at helping the whole person and not just their problems. We know that putting a roof over someone's head is useful, but not the solution.

Think of the best time of your life. Were you alone? And what were you doing? You had a sense of purpose. You had something or someone to care about. The worst time is when you lose these things. Our Lifehouses or homeless shelters for men, women and families around the UK and Ireland offer activities and training to help improve the self-esteem, mental health and employment prospects of our service users.


For several years, The Salvation Army has been refocusing its services for homeless people based on principles set by our founder William Booth but still those who stay with us could not escape the stigma of being in a hostel.

The Salvation Army hopes that, as a culture, we will start viewing people who are 'homeless' as people who have a contribution to play in our society. We know that just changing a name - from hostel to lifehouse - may not solve social exclusion immediately. But it's a start.

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