Family Tracing Service

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'Motivated by the love of God we seek to reconcile families and facilitate the building of relationships'

 Family Tracing Service Mission Statement


Over 16,000 members of families enjoy a restored relationship each year


Family Tracing Service

The Family Tracing Service exists to restore and sustain family relationships by tracing relatives who have lost contact with each other, either recently or in the past. A dedicated team of caseworkers handle more than 2,500 new enquiries each year, with searches taking from as little as two hours to more than two years.

Make an application online or call 0845 634 4747 (charged at local rate).

The key aims are to:

  • Journey with you and offer support throughout the process of searching family, regardless of the outcome, providing a service that is professional, compassionate and non-judgemental.
  • Exhaust all relevant avenues of search providing services to any family.
  • Support you in reunion or first contact with your family, offering mediation/reconciliation services if requested.

Our key objectives are:

  • To relieve the anxiety of enquirers by assuring them of our concern and the full support of our service
  • To trace relatives in order to advise them a family member desires contact
  • To open a line of communication between an enquirer and the person sought
  • To act as intermediaries until such time as trust is established between the parties
  • Where appropriate, to seek to resolve the difficulties which brought about the break the family relationship

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Our success rate

We of course can give no guarantee of success in every search we undertake, although every effort will be made to trace the person durng our enquiries.  Of the enquiries accepted our success rate has been 89% resulting in more than 10 people being reunited every single working day.

Michael from Surrey lost contact with his family after joining the Army. He tried for years to find his brother Martin, and even hired an investigator - but without success. Michael's wife suggested Family Tracing Service, run by The Salvation Army, but was only able to supply a last-known address used 24 years previously, and an incomplete date of birth.

The Salvation Army's researcher managed to find a birth certificate and from this found Martin in a few weeks. Their first contact was made by phone. The brothers met a few days later and recognised each other instantly despite 25 years apart.

'We had so much to say to each other - it was really good.'

Martin and his daughter visited Michael and his wife for Christmas dinner - the first meal they'd enjoyed together as a reunited family, and a very special occasion.

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It is often the case that eight or more people will form the reunited family. Therefore, more than 20,000 members of family enjoy a restored relationship as a result of enquiries carried out by the Family Tracing Service each year.

Brian remembers waving to his sisters as a small child when they were fostered and he went into a care home. He never saw his sisters until his care worker Betty chatted with him and he shared his background.

Betty suggested The Salvation Army Family Tracing Service could help, and they found his sisters who came to visit just before Christmas. This followed by meeting a niece and nephew they brought to visit too and Brian has visited them at their home in Dumfries.

Brian is more confident now and is exceptionally happy to find he has a whole new family. Now he has plenty of visitors and his sisters telephone every week.

Seperated by many years and countries, as the Salvation Army. Ten people are reunited every day thanks to our Family Tracing service

We are grateful for the support provided by Peopletracer.