Our mission

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The Salvation Army is an international Christian church worshipping and working in 126 countries and has more than 800 local churches in the UK and Ireland.

We believe in openly sharing our faith and the good news of God's love for everyone, helping individuals to develop and grow in their own personal relationship with God, demonstrating a practical concern for all and speaking out against social injustice.

Church services and groups

Our churches (we call them 'corps') are places of worship where Sunday meetings are held, but also provide a practical expression of our Christian faith during the week, when our doors are open to offer programmes and activities for the whole community. These vary by church but may include youth activities, parent and toddler groups, drop-in centres, luncheon clubs, advice clinics and lots more. Our members will also offer emergency assistance such as groceries and clothing to individuals and families in need.

Who worships with The Salvation Army?

Worship services (meetings) are held every Sunday and a typical congregation will be made up of a wide and diverse mix of people from all backgrounds, ages and walks of life. There's no need for a uniform - just come along and see what you think.

What happens at a Salvation Army meeting?

Meetings have different styles relevant to the congregation and the community it serves. In some areas, The Salvation Army holds outdoor services in public places. In other areas, The Salvation Army will hold less formal café–style meetings where members often sit in small groups and enjoy fellowship and praise with refreshments. The Salvation Army is keen to make church accessible and relevant to everyone. Though worship mainly takes place on a Sunday, some may also hold mid-week worship.

How do I find out more about Jesus?

The Rejesus website explores His life, character, teachings and followers, how He has been quoted and misquoted, written about, worshipped and argued over.

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