What does The Salvation Army do?


What does The Salvation Army do? 

 Every minute of every day The Salvation Army is caring for people in need. In the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland there are around 750 Salvation Army churches and community centres and more than 100 social work centres.

Most Salvation Army churches have Sunday worship which is open to everyone, and other groups and activities during the week. Many churches also have community centres, cafés and charity shops in the town.

In the UK and Ireland our work includes:

  • Food, shelter and housing for homeless people

  • Visiting prisoners and supporting their families

  • Youth clubs providing a caring environment for young people Nurseries, playgroups, kids clubs and homework clubs

  • Drop-in centres offering help for people in need Residential and day centres for elderly people

  • Day centres for disabled people

  • A Family Tracing Service which reunites more than 3,000 people each year

  • Residential centres for victims of alcohol and drug abuse

  • Centres for families A community home for children

  • Centres for people with special needs

  • Employment training centres

  • A safe house for women

  • The Salvation Army works in 126 countries.