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The War Cry is Britain's iconic Christian weekly. From arts and culture to health and sport, The War Cry is packed with features, comment, reviews, mouth-watering recipes, puzzles and much more...


The Salvation Army’s iconic 133 year-old newspaper – goes digital

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This week (1 November issue)

Things have changed in TV reality show 'The Apprentice'. Blaming other people still seems a favourite tactic, but we say there's no need for us to make a scapegoat when forgiveness is available. We also note that anger used in the right way can be an influence for good; even Jesus acted that way. And this week's Comment says there will be huge challenges in enforcing legislation following the new Abortion Bill.

Meanwhile playwright Matthew Hurt speaks about the play he has written for actor Simon Callow, and about discovering a Jesus he never knew.

Also this week in the print edition:

• TV producer and presenter talk about the challenges of broadcasting the good news in Egypt.
• As a London museum exhibits wedding dresses, fashionista Renee says lifestyle is about more than what we wear.
• Salvation Army continues to support fight against Ebola in West Africa.
• Wales's First Minister visits Salvation Army bus project serving homeless in Cardiff.
• Churches begin three months of prayer.
• Thieves steal from food bank - and lead to consideration of forgiveness.
• Gardening tips for November.
• Inspiration from Mexico and a tasty cake - recipes from chef Michael Darracott.

Plus more news, views, media, cartoons and puzzles, all in this issue of Britain's most popular religious weekly - fighting for hearts and souls.

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