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The Salvation Army's Public Affairs Unit Builds relationships at Westminster, in the nations and at Local Government level. We seek to represent the needs of the poorest and most marginalised from the Town Hall to Whitehall and on to the EU in Brussels.

We promote and defend the work of The Salvation Army in the UK and Republic of Ireland in the political and policy sphere in order to achieve greater social justice for those we seek to serve.

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The public affairs team would be pleased to hear from you on issues relating to the public affairs agenda. Comments are welcome.

Telephone: 020 7367 4551
Email: public.affairs@salvationarmy.org.uk

Our current key areas of work


For the last two years the Public Affairs Unit have taken representatives from the Homeless Services Unit to party conference to meet ministers and shadow ministers.

We have also taken 29 MPs on visits to Lifehouses in their constituency. Find out more about our work with homeless people here.

Housing Minister, Grant Shaps spoke at The Salvation Army fringe event at the Conservative Party Conference on Homelessness in the age of austerity.

One of the 29 Lifehouse visits was Rushenara Ali's visit to Hopetown

Employment Services

Public Affairs Unit hosted a party conference fringe event with Employment Plus showcasing our delivery of the Government's Work Programme.

Read more about the Work Programme in our Government report

Anti-human trafficking

Community Services


Alcohol and Gambling

Older People Services