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The Salvation Army offers a range of local and regional and activities to engage with children of all ages. This includes worship services to which everyone is welcome and activities just for children.

Your local Salvation Army may run some of the following:

  • Different teaching programmes specifically designed for young people
  • Opportunities to gain awards through the Mobilise course which gives teaching on the Bible, Christian beliefs, lifestyle issues and the history of The Salvation Army and its mission
  • Music, drama or other creative arts groups
  • Scouting, guiding for 5 - 14 year-olds
  • Other children’s and youth groups such as youth clubs and adventure camps

We want children to feel safe and happy and to enjoy any Salvation Army activity they choose to attend. We believe that developing and encouraging relationships with children will bring out the best in them and help them enjoy exciting, fulfilling lives.

We also champion the voice of children, working to make sure that all children are valued, made visible and given a voice. Our teaching is based on the Bible.

We believe that this gives children a firm foundation on which to build their lives and empowers them to be good citizens in their communities.

We encourage children to trust God and prayerfully consider how their thoughts, words and actions will affect themselves and others.

The Salvation Army’s child protection policy is outlined in the Safe & Sound Manual, based on the Home Office guidelines, Safe from Harm.

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