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Our work with Children, Young People and Families

The Salvation Army provides a range of services to support families, young people and children
Both in a residential setting and at local church (corps) and community centres.  Many of these facilities are registered and regularly inspected by Ofsted or the relevant local authority.
The Salvation Army currently has nearly 40 centres running day nurseries, pre-schools, playgroups and crèches for children aged 0-5 years. These facilities are open to the public and can provide full or part-time day care.
School Clubs
The Salvation Army has 15 facilities that provide care for children before or after school, or during school holidays.  Some are breakfast clubs where staff will take children to school, allowing parents to leave early for work.  Others are for older children needing a safe place to go after school to do homework.
Child Contact Centres
The Salvation Army has 7 centres providing facilities for children to spend time with a parent where there has been a family breakdown.  Staff or volunteers are on hand to offer support as needed.
Residential Family Centres
The Salvation Army also has 5 residential centres for families. One centre provides specific support for woman with children escaping domestic violence. Others provide accommodation for families who would otherwise be homeless. Support, care, counselling and training such as parenting courses are provided while the families long-term needs are assessed.  Referrals are generally made by social workers, or external agencies.
Residential Youth Centre
A specialist night shelter in Dublin caters for 12-18 year olds who would otherwise be sleeping rough on the streets. As part of this programme we have support  flats for young people aged 16-18. 
Community Activities
In addition to these services many local churches run a variety of family focused activities in their local community.  These include, parent and toddler groups, musical movement, arts and crafts and youth activities.