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Our worship services are open to anyone who wants to find faith or share their faith. There's no need for a uniform, no need to participate.  Just come along and see what you think.

Becoming a member of The Salvation Army Church

To become a soldier - a member of a Salvation Army - is a voluntary personal commitment arising from a personal spiritual conviction. You will be invited to attend classes to explore the beliefs and practices of The Salvation Army. This will include exploration of your spiritual experience and the way in which this impacts on your lifestyle choices.  

To be enrolled as a soldier of The Salvation Army you will publicly demonstrate your decision by signing and adhering to The Soldiers Covenant. For soldiers the wearing of the uniform is a matter of personal choice and conviction.

Becoming an Adherent

To become an Adherent of The Salvation Army is also a voluntary personal commitment arising from a personal spiritual experience. Opportunity will be given to explore your faith and how you best express it. Adherents do not wear the uniform but are committed to The Salvation Army as their church and as such can identify themselves as members of The Salvation Army.

Becoming an Officer

Salvation Army churches are led by officers (ministers). All officers are soldiers who have been called to God into ministry. This calling is tested though assessment, practical experience and reports from various sources from inside and outside The Salvation Army and supported by The Salvation Army as a church.
Successful candidates follow a two year residential training programme to prepare ministry as a Salvation Army officer. At the conclusion of this training, a service of Covenant and Commissioning is held and the new officer is appointed to a specific community and church. For the next five years, there is continual learning and feedback throughout.

Find out more about Jesus

Rejesus explores His life, character, teachings and followers, how He has been quoted and misquoted, written about, worshipped and argued over.

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