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Schools and colleges section

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  • Seasonal Assemblies

    Powerpoint presentations, scripts and hand outs for assemblies about Christmas, Easter and more.
  • What Is The Salvation Army?

    A captivating and fun introduction to The Salvation Army.
  • Issues

    Explore where The Salvation Army stands on a range of moral and social issues
  • History

    William and Catherine Booth, the history of The Salvation Army and First World War resources

  • Community

    Explaining the work that The Salvation Army is doing in the local area.
  • Religious Education Tile

    Religious Education

    Introducing the Salvation Army's beliefs, work and faith. Includes resources on Jesus' teachings and Bible studies.
  • Ultimate Church Visit

    A practical resource designed to help you organise an exciting and memorable school visit at your corps or centre.
  • Resources to Order

    Booklets, posters, stickers, display boards,  DVD's and many more!