Liverpool - Darbyshire House

A warm welcome awaits you at The Salvation Army Liverpool Darbyshire House Lifehouse

Darbyshire House Lifehouse
380 Prescot Road
L13 3DA

For more information, please contact us:
Liverpool Homlessness Services Manager: Miss Stephanie Phillips
Tel: 0151 228 0925

The Salvation Army's Darbyshire House Lifehouse is more than a hostel or shelter for the night. At a Lifehouse we get people their life back. 

Our Lifehouse offers short-term accommodation for people in need of housing. More than this, we offer activities and training to help improve the self-esteem, mental health and employment prospects of our service users. 
Darbyshire Lifehouse caters for up to 45 male residents at its premises in Prescot Road in Liverpool.

Staff knowledge and experience give an indication as to where an individual is at in their life and what support may be required. These are done as part of an ongoing support plan to help individuals to set achievable goals to help them to move on. Support and assessments are not just done on a regular basis but as and when a service user feels support is needed.

We offer a comprehensive 12-week resettlement programme to help individuals to learn new life skills and to improve existing ones. Some of the areas covered are - budgeting, personal hygiene, housing, cooking, home hygiene, self-awareness, time management, employment and training.

Darbyshire Lifehouse also has a fruitful link with The Salvation Army church in Bootle; where residents have come to work voluntarily in its community activities during the week. The church’s Saturday morning Dads’ Club has proven to be a welcome first introduction to Salvation Army programme for Darbyshire Lifehouse residents.

The centre has a strong association with sporting activities, particularly football. The centre has good links with a number of professional teams in the North West of England, some of which have donated gifts such as match tickets to encourage residents to their grounds. A number of residents have been involved in local amateur football competitions.