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Homelessness section

This is a journey to break the cycle of homelessness...

Homelessness is a reality of our society. With thousands of people sleeping rough each night, we believe it is imperative to help them in any way we can. From street homelessness to those battling addiction, the services we offer put the person and their needs at the centre of their support to help them get back on their feet and stay there.

  • Rough sleeping & street homelessness

    Meeting the immediate needs of people sleeping rough or on the streets

  • Drop-in centres

    A safe place to go offering practical support and services enabling people to make the first step to get off the streets

  • Assessment of need

    Acting as a bridge between people experiencing homelessness and the help they need to find a home 

  • Addiction Support

    Specialist detox centres, rehabilitation and support programmes to facilitate recovery and integration in the community

  • Accommodation in Lifehouses

    More than a hostel or a bed for the night, we put the person and their needs at the centre of housing and specialised support, to get back on their feet

  • Moving on

    Specialised programmes to support people to be ready to move on to live on their own

  • Finding work & ongoing support

    Removing the barriers to work and helping people stay on their feet


  • Giving back

    A home, a job and giving back to the community