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Booth House

This is a place of change and place of work where we offer support to residents to lead independent, full lives. Our aim is to offer 'challenge and choice’, giving more control over how and when support is provided.

Booth House is also the home of Recycles and The Sandwich People, where residents have the opportunity to get involved in running these successful businesses. Gaining valuable work experience, qualifications and confidence, better prepared to move into work, or other training or volunteering opportunities within the community.

A resident’s view:

“I’ve only been here a few days but already I’m feeling equal, part of the team. I’m having a bad day today but I got out of bed for the team.”


A poem written by Paul:

The Seasons of Booth House

Freedom and nature is my thing, it’s the Seasons I like, especially the Spring!

The Sound of the streams, the songs of the birds, some of their songs I’ve never heard!

Booth House is like Spring, A new start for all! Shed off the past when you enter the door!

Summer is here, with colour and flare! Warmth and comfort is everywhere!

Support and guidance whilst you bloom, to top it all a cosy room!

To work in the bike shop it’s a pleasure I’m sure! To build up the bikes for the bike shop floor!

By the end of the week we’ve flogged them all!