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Little and large

Giant story hits the big screen

Life rarely comes without huge problems

ROALD DAHL’S classic story of a giant man and a tiny girl has been made into a film of epic proportions. The BFG was released at cinemas yesterday (Friday 22 July). 

So what happens in the big-screen version?

The night is still. Grown-ups and children are deep in their sleep – apart from orphan Sophie (Ruby Barnhill).

In the early hours of the morning, she often breaks the rules and roams her orphanage. She sits on the balcony, staring into the night, wondering what lies in the darkness.

One night, as she lies under her covers, reading her book, Sophie hears a noise. Instead of lying still, she goes to the window to explore. Out of the shadows steps a giant, and he’s making his way towards her. Before she can hide, he grabs her and leaps for miles over unfamiliar land into the night.

They arrive at a place no ‘human bean’ – as the BFG says – knows about. A petrified Sophie has lots of questions. Who are you? Where am I? 

He is the Big Friendly Giant and they are in Giant Country.

Sophie demands to go home and tries to escape. In muddled English, the BFG (played by Mark Rylance) tells Sophie he took her from the orphanage so she wouldn’t speak out about seeing him. He also warns her to stay hidden from the smell of his nine ‘cannybully’ brothers, who all have a healthy appetite for human children.

Inquisitive Sophie soon learns that the BFG isn’t what she feared him to be. She is glad to find out he’s a vegetarian who has to make do with eating a less than pleasant
vegetable called a Snozzcumber. He is also very caring and protective of her.

After Sophie begs to go to work with him, the BFG takes her to Dream Country. He shows her how every day he catches dreams and sends them to children. He tells Sophie he knew of her dreams before they first met. Sophie and the BFG become friends.

But there’s a big problem. The evil giants have managed to sniff out that the BFG has been harbouring a human child. They’ll stop at nothing until they find her. Together, the BFG and Sophie come up with a plan to convince the Queen that the evil giants exist and have them banished for ever. If they could succeed, it would be a right royal

In the human world that we all inhabit, life rarely comes without huge problems. When they present themselves, dealing with them can feel like a tall order. We feel scared, powerless and unsure of what to do. 

But over the centuries, many human beings have realised where to turn for help. The Bible reflects the experiences of such people when it says: ‘The Lord hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles’ (Psalm 34:17 New International Version).

Whatever the size of our problems, God offers his strength and guidance to help us through them. When we leave our old lives behind and ask his forgiveness for the times we have fallen short, God comes to our

Deciding to put our trust in him is a big step in the right direction.

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